Sculpture in museum shows

Basswood and oil paint, 14 x 8 x 8

The Boise Art Museum is having a current show called, “Everyday Objects: The Enduring Appeal of Still Life”. I have two pieces in the show, the wood sculpture, “Balance”, and an oil painting, “Arrangement in Yellow and Gray, with Cotan”. Most of the work is from the Museum’s Permanent Collection, but a few pieces are on loan form local artists. The exhibit continues through September.

“The Family of Man” is on display in the 12th International Art Exhibition at the Church History Museum in Salt Lake City. This triennial show features work with religious and spiritual themes. My sculpture was done during the height of covid, and social and political unrest in 2020, and is meant to show unity and harmony. The various hardwoods represent different cultures, races, genders and ages of mankind. The exhibit continues through 2022.

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